Friday, May 14, 2010

8 is GREAT!!

Better late than never-right?! Almost a month after Courtney's 8th birthday I am finally blogging about it. (Sorry Grandma and Grandpa Wade because I know this is mostly for your benefit.)

This year Courtney's birthday was spread out over several days. On her actual birthday, Courtney celebrated with her class by taking one of her favorites - Reese's Peanut Butter Bars. Sorry no pictures but they were fabulous if I do say so myself.

Later that week (when Chad was home), we celebrated as a family by her choosing her favorite dinner (sweet and sour chicken over jasmine rice), opening presents finally, and blowing out candles.

She loved her new blue scriptures and scripture bag, she received a couple of baptism books and she loved the money from Belarus. In fact the next day she took the money for show and tell.

Saturday May 1st is when all the excitement and fun took place, according to Courtney. We had her baptism at the church at 11:30 which went great. Mackenzie gave a great talk on baptism, Mandy gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost, Courtney sang a song and we watched a video of Cort's pictures put to music. It was a wonderful baptism.

After the baptism, we stayed at the church for lunch and then headed to the Wave Pool for a couple of hours of fun. It was a great day that was made even more special thanks to the effort of family and friends to come and support Courtney. Thanks everyone!

Courtney's baptism dress turned out really cute. I was afraid of it being way over the top but she looked just like the princess she is. I think her smile says it all.

I tried to put the video of her singing but it is just not working. I will have to try it again later.


Max and Deanna said...

What a great day for a special girl. I love her dress. I also like the picture with all the little girls (and Corbin) sitting around the table. So sad to miss those neat events--so thanks for sharing.

mandy said...

It was such a fun weekend. Cortney looked beautiful in her dress and the food was delicious. Thanks so much!

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